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New Postage Charge

December 2017

Schoolshop have always put parents at the very heart of what we do, and we will continue to operate in this way going forward, however from time to time we need to make changes to make sure the business can continue to provide the high levels of service you rightfully deserve.

Much has changed in the marketplace, particularly in relation to cost prices. Since the devaluation of sterling against the US Dollar we have seen sizeable cost increases, this is because the majority of our suppliers purchase their goods in US Dollars, so their costs have risen and they have had to increase the price to companies like Schoolshop. We have absorbed all these increases and not increased prices to our customers, our last price increase was April 2016.

At some point businesses must re-evaluate their position and we have recently done so, coming to the conclusion that a change is required, but one which is fair to everyone. Our decision has been not to increase prices, but to introduce a small delivery charge on orders below a certain spend. As you may be aware, we have had a £1.25 small order charge in place for quite some time, this will be scrapped from 1st January 2018 and replaced with a delivery charge of £3.95 on orders under £40 ex vat & £47 inc vat, prices for the items you buy will NOT increase for the whole of 2018.

To ensure the balance remains in favour of you our customers we will be introducing FREE returns and customers who wish to return an item for exchange or refund will just need to contact us and we will e-mail a label which can be applied to the item being returned and then dropped off at a local post office. We will also continue to send replacement/exchanged items at no cost to the customer.

Finally, we will be bringing a new version of our shopping cart online in early spring 2018 and this will have new features to benefit our customers, one of those being in-store collection meaning those customers who may be in the vicinity of our premises in York, can collect their order when ready and avoid any delivery charges.

We look forward to continuing to provide excellent levels of customer service through 2018 and beyond.

Yours sincerely


Peter Dalton
Company Director